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An art gallery in the heart of the Key West Art District on Upper Duval, featuring the fine art of Fran Decker & friends!

1102 A&B Duval Street, Key West, FL  33040


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On the one hand, I've been an artist all my life. always the kid who drew and made pictures - I was a US Navy kid, so there has been plenty of fodder for drawing. I was formed living in the tropics where lush foliage, teeming ocean life, the gorgeous skies over salty beaches got into my blood.

I did not study art as an undergraduate, but studied a lot of other interesting things. Still, art and design pulled me hard, and I eventually went back to school to get my MFA at the University of Michigan Art School (Go Cobalt Blue!)

I lived in the world of exhibit design for a good long time, all the while painting, sketching, and designing spaces and things, but nothing has ever quite grabbed my heart, my brushes, or my stylus like painting the iconic places, people and scenes of Key West.

I've been getting to know the lower Keys since the early 1980s, when my family began spending winters here. It became my mission to live here some day, and several years ago, it happened. I'm now a devoted fresh water Conch, living aboard an iconic Key West houseboat, in a community of amazing and loving people, and painting the places I've adored for decades.

As I live on a tiny houseboat my original art is small (about 6" x 6")and exists in a sketchbook! I scan the book and enhance the images on a Mac computer using Photoshop. I really enjoy this editing/computer process as I use to be a graphic designer. I hope it shows!

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Houseboat Row


Charter Boat Row

Sandy's Cafe

Cruise to Key West

Cudjoe Bay Storm