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Paul Carmichael, photographer, accomplished pilot, boat captain and dive master is life's consummate student, driven and excited by the adventure yet to be lived!

His love of photography started as a young child in Atlanta, GA.  He learned to take pictures and develop film from his father.  When Paul graduated from college and joined the US Army, he found himself taking his camera along with him to Vietnam.  He captured vivid images of the local people, especially the children.  His all-or-nothing way of doing things put his photography on the back burner during his twenty-four years as an army officer and pilot.

Following his retirement from the Army in 1994, he immediately started his second career as a financial planner and excelled at this career for thirteen years.  His dedication to high standards and professionalism has carried over to his photography.

Photography has now returned to its original place in Paul's life.  He has a new camera, but his skill behind the lens has been in place for most of his life.  he still has the all-or-nothing mindset, but it is now focused on the fabulous wildlife of the Florida Keys and the Everglades.

His retirement sees him more active and involved with the community. Paul enjoys singing in the Florida Keys Chorale and the annual singing of the Messiah.  He has appeared in productions with the island Opera Theater, Marathon Community Theater and the Key West Pops Orchestra.  Paul is a member of the Key West United Methodist Church and serves as the Bass Section Leader.  In his spare time, Paul enjoys flying, diving and riding his custom motorcycle.

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Snowy Egret Mating

Everglades Great Blue-Anhinga Trail

Everglades Great Blue Heron

Blue Heron at Sunset

Great Egret Reflecting

Great Egret posing in the Wind