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An art gallery in the heart of the Key West Art District on Upper Duval, featuring the fine art of Fran Decker & friends!

1102 A&B Duval Street, Key West, FL  33040


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I have lived near the water my whole life, from Portland, Oregon to Honolulu, Hawaii to Key West, Florida.  The watery journey I've been on for half my life made me realize I need to live near the water.  It feeds my soul and fuels my passion for creating and working with glass.

Fused glass is a magical old art form.  The Ancient Egyptians started melting glass over 5,000 years ago.  Fused glass shimmers, its texture changes and its appearance with reflective light creates depth.  Its color continually shifts and morphs with its own life movement. It carries a rhythm and curiosity of what's beneath the surface.  Living near the water, I've become my environment... a Great Blue Heron one day, a White Egret another day, a Goliath Grouper or the sand and water on the beach.  I become the anima of each piece and rejoice when the glass has cooled.

You are invited into my wondrous world of nature's beauty. I've been documenting, like a biologist, the fish, birds, water and people of my environment for my entire life.  I believe artists naturally reflect their environment. I have been blessed to live in places I love and try to give the area justice with my interpretation and capture the essence of the ever-changing beauty presented to me.

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Splish Splash Martini


50's Cat