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Lois Songer Glass Bead Artist and Jewelry Designer

A chance encounter to learn how to make glass beads, also called Lampworking, changed the direction of this artist's creative endeavors. Once Lois began working with glass and creating beads out of Murano glass, she began making her unique beads into lovely jewelry using sterling silver and other gemstone beads. Looking for more ways to express her design visions lead to an exploration into traditional metal smith techniques and working with gemstones, as well as repurposed and found objects. Lois has worked in all these mediums and continues to use some of each in her current jewelry collections. Her current jewelry collections are trending toward precious and semi-precious stones, pearls, silver and repurposed objects with contemporary and funky designs.

Lois is originally from Ohio, and has made her home in Key West for over 13 years with her husband Mark, who also contributes handmade glass beads to her designs. Key West has inspired them both in their artistic life and social life, where both are active volunteers. Lois says "Every day in this beautiful island community brings inspiration to my designs."

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Aqua-Rake-Curve Bracelet

Lapis-Gold Bracelet

Tiger-r Bracelet

Aqua-Ivory-Apatite Necklace

Sea and Sand

Purple Safari Bracelet

Blue Galaxy Bangle