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An art gallery in the heart of the Key West Art District on Upper Duval, featuring the fine art of Fran Decker & friends!

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Where I was born and where I have lived is not important.  What is important? What I have seen, what I have done, and how my experiences have influenced my art.

I was born in Europe, and as a young person moved to Australia.  When I was 18 my family moved to the United States.  I was introduced to art at the age of 21 by a wonderful woman that I met on a bus who was 40 years my senior.  I am a self-taught painter, although I have studied with different teachers: Orville Carlson, Eleanor Segur, Eliot O'Hare and Jaochim K. Loeber, just to name a few.  I appreciate and admire works by Georgia O'Keefe, Kandinsky, Jawlensky, and Feininger.  I also admire the artworks of Louise Nevelson and I have a passion for creating wood assemblages.

However, I am firmly planted in non-figurative art.  Art and great art is founded upon the use of visual abstraction.  To express beauty the abstractions are light, color, space, atmosphere and vibration.  I have developed a personal approach to my art - exciting and stimulating art made from a collage of reclaimed fabrics mounted on wood, creating the canvas on which I paint using oils.

Although my work is defined as non-figurative, I do use shapes.  Circles are my predominant subject as they symbolize peace.  I am interested in dynamic shapes - shapes that move.  The paintings are romantic: visually and emotionally stimulating.  My art work does not represent human struggle. My aim is to uplift the spirit of the viewer.

The colors are intense and each color has a purpose: red represents power, yellow- aggression, green depicts tranquility and white is silence.  The shapes have symbolic meaning: the crescent is water, triangle-fire, circle-air, and the square is the earth.

I am not concerned in copying nature, although my paintings do evoke emotion that touches the soul of the individual.  This is what I have been told.

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Innate Vitality

Magical Circle

Enlightened Moment

Extraordinary Expression

Rhythmic Simplicity

Intriguing Way