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Jessica Wilson was born and raised in New York.  She has been studying and making art all her life.  Her earliest medium was mud, which she sculpted into pies, globs and other organic forms.  In 1982 Jessica graduated from S.U.N.Y. College at Purchase, N.Y. with a BFA. in sculpture and photography.  She then went on to study interior design and jewelry design at F.I.T. in New York City.

In addition to her artistic pursuits Jessica trained extensively as a dancer.  She studied classical ballet at the School of American Ballet in New yourk and modern dance with the JosÚ Limon Company.  Her love of dance manifests itself in the fluid lines and movement in her work.  Other influences continue to be plant forms, mythology, ancient civilizations and felines.

In 2001, after her sixth visit, Jessica left the frozen North and moved from Saratoga Springs, NY to Key West.  She has been showing and selling her jewelry in various Key West galleries and at fine craft shows throughout the Keys.


The main silver elements of my jewelry are made from a relatively new material called Fine Silver Precious Metal Clay (PMC).  Even though it is called clay, it is actually pure silver.  PMC is comprised of microscopic particles of fine silver suspended in an organic binder. PMC can be formed just as you would potters clay as it has the same malleable consistency.  It is then fired in a kiln in which the sintering process fuses the silver metal particles and burns off the binder leaving pure Fine Silver (.999FS)

I form the PMC and air-dry it to a "leather hard" stage. It can then be safely handled to remove any excess clay and add any components or bails and loops, drill holes and sand areas that will require a smooth mirror like finish.  The piece is then fired for 2 hours at 1650 to achieve the optimum density of the material.  After firing I continue to refine the form and surface detail and then tumble it with stainless steel shot to compact the metal particles, further increasing the density and strength of the silver and bringing up the shine.  Once out of the tumbler I complete any hand finishing and apply any final surface texture or patina.  I then assemble or string the finished silver piece with hand selected fresh water pearls, semi-precious gemstones, silver chains or leather to complete my design.

The inspirations for my creations emerge from the beauty and diversity of foliage and marine elements that are so abundant in the Keys.  I model mu jewelry components from leaves of local plans, twigs, shells, sea stars (aka starfish) and the colors of ocean water.

My work is often described as understated elegance with a bit of attitude.  Goddess Adornment Jewelry to be dressed down or up; enjoyed every day and for years to come.

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Leaf Pearl

Starfish Pearls with apatite

Double Twig

Tusk Bead Picture Jasper

Enamel Seascape


Orpheus Pearl

Ray Leather